Welcome to the website dedicated to the parameterization of Dolibarr.

This home page describes the reasons that led me to create this site - me, Bahfir Abbes Computer Engineer, integrator and developer of Dolibarr modules.


Instead of making my personal page, I decided at the last moment to dedicate this site to my main concern that is the parameterization of Dolibarr.


I discovered Dolibarr in 2011 with the version 3.1 in response to the request of a customer for its inventory management.

I opted for the open source solution for what it brings as advantages compared to proprietary solutions with regard to myself as a developer and to the customer for whom I had to provide the service ( I quote below the most obvious benefits that have jumped out at to me at the first reflection).

For me as a developer:

- I did not have to reinvent the wheel. All the most universally known management practices were available on the net with their source code, that I was subsequently free to adapt to my particular case of application.

For the customer:

- The customer has more confidence in a solution supported by a community of which the number of contributors is much more important than the size of any software editor. Having the source open allows him to address to any application programmer to support his specific needs.

Among the open source solutions, I opted for Dolibarr for what it brings as advantages in comparison with other open source ERPs in the moment (OpenERP, Magento, etc. ..) the most important are:

1- Dolibarr is developed in PHP, which gives it extraordinary opportunities for expansion (PHP is the most popular scripting language on the web and is supported by almost all web hostings, many other as popular open source solutions have chosen PHP as a development language. This is the case of CMSs WORDPRESS, JOOMLA and Drupal).

2- Dolibarr is supported by a sales platform for its modules. DoliStore is a great idea that gives developers a place to showcase their work and to draw direct profits to support their development efforts. It also allows Dolibarr users to find their happiness for their specific needs.

3- The Forum site of Dolibarr foundation is very efficient. Just post a question in order to receive the answer within hours by experienced Dolibarr developers.

My first steps (How was born my concern for parameterizing Dolibarr):

In version of 3.1 Dolibarr, I made my changes (like most neophytes) in its same files by changing the source of the Core Dolibarr. I was doing so because I was anxious to see how my edits changed the behavior of Dolibarr and also because I was lazy. I jumped the step of learning module development for Dolibarr, although everything was explained in detail on the wiki.

Later, I had several customers whose activities and work habits were different, and the changes I made were not compatible for them all. Also, I could not update Dolibarr to newer versions if I do not want to see all my work disappear.

I could solve the problem of changes incompatibility made to my various customers through the parameterizing module ( French version demonstration video below ) :

When to the updates problem, it requires a more complex development in addition to adapting the parameterizing module described above for each of CORE and non CORE modules. It is to some extent the reason for the existence of this site.


New section of blogs:

A new menu item lets wishful users to write blogs related to the site theme that is Dolibarr parameterizing. These topics may include the issues of ERP / CRM, MySQL databases, PHP, Javascript, BI ..

The Writing must comply with the ethical rules applicable in most popular sites known for their seriousness. The moderator of the site reserves the right to remove any blog that do not comply with these rules and even delete the account of its author.