Welcome on the site promised to the parameterization of Dolibarr.
After a long break, the Dolipar site is restarted after cleaning its contents. Several modules that are no longer relevant have been removed.
This site was created in 2014 to present the modules I developed for Dolibarr, which for the most part have a direct link with the parameterization function of this ERP.
The parameterization module that was previewed in a French youtube video in 2014 has still not been proposed on Dolistore:

However this module is in active development and will  be on Dolistore very soon.
Here are the links to the descriptions of my current modules:
Parameterization: This is the module under development to manage the Dolibarr parameterization function
CashdeskPar : the configurable POS.
MenuPar : Dolibarr's advanced menu manager.
Payment Receipt : Generates a document for bill payments.