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Abbes menu manager:

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I created the abbes menu manager in order to facilitate navigation in Dolibarr. Over time, it has become an indispensable tool for me that I do not even imagine the possibility of using Dolibarr some day without it, as it allows me an efficient menu navigation by simplifying the management of its elements and by offering all the possibilities for customization. With the abbes menu manager, navigating through Dolibarr menus has become for me a pleasure.

In the past I had to edit the menu Management PHP file, just to put that element in such menu or to keep open such section of the left menu. I was also very annoyed by having to make several clicks to get to a place that would normally be available to the first click. I also always looked for a way to optimize navigation that seemed heavy to me and a way to be able to set the menu items. These concerns led me to create the abbes menu manager.

For this, I had to study the two menus managers that come in standard with Dolibarr:

First: The Eldy Menu Manager which is automatically installed with Dolibarr, is completely based on PHP files. It has all the disadvantages of heaviness in the management - to select a menu item, one must make a click on the top menu and then a second click on the left menu, and to change the content of a menu item, one must directly edit the PHP File menu.

Second: The Auguria menu manager is an improved version of Eldy menu manager. It also comes in standard during installation. Auguria - unlike Eldy - keeps the menu items descriptions in database instead of a PHP file. It thus offers through its configuration page, access to the creation, deletion and modification of all its attributes of the menu elements without the need for editing a PHP file.

Common disadvantages of Eldy and Auguria:

1 - To access an item in the Eldy and Auguria menu managers, one must make a click on the top menu, then a second click on the left menu.
2 - On the important content pages, the top menu disappears when you leave the first page. One needs to scroll up all the page to access the top menu.
3 - The left menu occupies unnecessarily a significant portion of the screen which could have been used more profitably, by leaving room for more relevant elements.

Now see how these problems among others, have been solved thanks to the abbes menu manager.

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