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The Cashdeskpar module is an adaptation of the original Cashdesk Dolibarr module. It has been the first module in which I tried to implement parameterizing functions in Dolibarr.

Cashdeskpar is a separate module. It is different from Cashdesk and can be installed in conjunction with it. It differs from the latter in the various parameters that can be activated and which provide additional functionality.

Among the features:

- Management Facilities for real and fixed rate VAT regime.

- Ability to change product prices.

- Use autoselect form for product selection.

- Changing items in the basket.

- Using various fast input modes for items.

- Etc ...

Below the video of the initial version of Cashdeskpro into two parts ( French version ):


Discover all the parameters of Cahsdekpar by simply connecting to the demo site. A detailed explanation of each parameter is given there with the opportunity to test the functionality of the module.


History of changes: