First Modules:

The first module to integrate the parameterization function is the Cashdeskpar module. This is nothing other than the native CASHDESK module from Dolibarr having undergone several developments desired by users which have been grouped in a configurable module.

The second module published on Dolistore is menupar menu manager whose function is to optimize navigation on Dolibarr by minimizing the number of clicks to access menu items. By relying on Javascript and the Auguria menu manager, it provides a powerful menu configuration solution under Dolibarr. Auguria is identical in all respects to the standard Eldy menu manager except that it offers the possibility of modifying, changing the arrangement of menu items or creating new ones.

Subsequently, the abbes menu manager became menupar menu manager by integrating several other features such as menu backup and restore and the elevators in the drop-down menus.

Latest Modules:

The payment receipt module, which currently does not include configurable functions, makes it possible to produce PDF files for customer payments.