My modules

My first modules:

The first module for which I have made this adaptation is Cashdeskpar. This module is not more than the native cashdesk Dolibarr module that has undergone several developments requested by various customers and have been combined in a configurable module. Cashdeskpar exists currently on DoliStore.

The second module that I published on DoliStore is the abbes menu manager. This latter optimizes the navigation on Dolibarr by minimizing the number of clicks to access the menu elements thanks to Javascript. Moreover, it provides a powerful solution in Dolibarr menu settings by reusing the Auguria menu manager. Auguria is completely identical to Eldy except that it offers the possibility to modify and change the layout of the menu items or create new ones.

My last modules:

In a first attempt to integrate what has been done in version 3.1 of Dolibarr, I was led to publish the first Invoicepar and Corepar modules. I plan to publish the parameterizing module once the implementation of this latter would have shown its necessity.