In addition to presenting my modules, the main objective of this site has been since its creation, the presentation of the parameterizing issue in Dolibarr.
Dolibarr parameterizing features often leads to the creation of a large amount of parameters. This creates undoubtedly an additional complexity that needs to be managed. It is therefore essential to organize these parameters to be effective, storable and easily identifiable. This can be acheved primarily by undertaking a classification by function and by providing a clear description of each parameter.
We should also put in place the means to allow users to give their opinion about these parameters and propose new ones that meet their needs.
A forum in French language have been issued with the intention to achieve these objectives.
Thus, the main menu contains the following elements:

1- Presentation: The presentation page defines the reason of existence of this site. 

2- Navigate:   Provides help for navigating the site.

3- My Dolibarr Modules: Contains all the modules I developed for Dolibarr which are all related in some way to the parameterizing function and are all contained on the DoliStore sales platform.

4- The Forum element (In French only): Allows  to view and create new discussion topics related to the parameterizing of Dolibarr or to my Dolibarr modules.

5- The contact form: Please select the category of message before sending me a contact message.

Finally, the search function lets you search the occurrence of specific words in the site's content.